Geshe YongDong Teaching Schedule   -  2017



1 -8               Costa Rica, Bon Da Ling, Teaching   

                             Weekend 5, 6 & 7  --Six Lokas


 19 - 21           Ligmincha, Houston, Texas    Weekend Teaching Retreat

                       Topic:    -     Living Mindfully
                       Contact:    LIGMINCHATEXAS.ORG


26 - 28          Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling,1977 N. New Hampshire Ave.,

                        Los Angeles, CA 90027

                       Weekend Teaching Retreat

                       Topic:    -    Living Mindfully





25 June                One Day Workshop - Sherab Chamma Ling, Courtenay

                         Topic:        Mindfulness Meditation  -  10 am - 3:30 pm

                                 Learn how to quiet the mind and thoughts, become aware of silence &

                                 discover your true nature of mind.

                                 GesheLa will share his knowledge & experience.

                                 Focus will be on practice sessions.  Suitable for all levels of practitioners.

                                 More info or register at: e - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.










                          Tentative: Columbia Teachings




 31 - 3 Nov.        Western Bon Lama Annual Meeting - for the

                              first time will be held this year at:

                                  Sherab Chamma Ling, Courtenay B.C. Canada

              History: Tibetan Bon Lamas who teach in the West felt a need to do something collective and collaborative with the main intention to develop the sacred Bön teachings and benefit students.

The idea was to share their individual years of experience and knowledge associated with teaching Western students in the Western world.




                   TBA  Sherab Chamma Ling Annual Fall Retreat













Geshe YongDong was born in the village of Nagpa, Amdo, Tibet in 1969. His childhood years were spent much like that of any other Tibetan boy at that time. He had a large extended family of many aunts and uncles... Read More

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