Tibetan Bon Buddhist Spring Retreat
With Lama Geshe YongDong
April 6, 7, 8, 2018
Sherab Chamma Ling, Courtenay

Finding Peace Within

There is suffering, there is a cause for suffering, there is an end of suffering, and there is a path of practice that relieves suffering.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, where you live or work, or what you believe or don’t; there will always be difficulties or situations that will cause you to suffer to some degree.  

Life includes physical pain such as old age, disease, and ultimately death. We endure psychological suffering as stress, loneliness, frustration, fear, embarrassment, disappointment and anger.

Suffering or stress, may be better understood as emotional states that are intolerable and difficult to endure.  Those states are imperfect, unsatisfying, and incapable of providing perfect happiness. 

However, these conditions hold a possibility to a solution to stop,  or at least lessen, the degree of suffering!

There are seven steps or methods that we can learn and practice for any emotion and any situation that we have to face in everyday life. These reliable and doable problem-solving methods will be discussed and practiced with every intention that these ancient and simple teachings of the seven steps towards finding inner peace will be a healing medicine for oneself and others.

From one generation to the next, we have struggled with the three main emotional sufferings of anger or hatred, greed or attachment and ignorance or confusion.  

Many students seek to be ‘happy’ and are continually searching for joy that will endure.  

What is the difference between happiness and peacefulness?  What are they dependent on?  How can one obtain both? 

So, calming the mind and emotions is the main solution and there are many simple methods to reach that state. It is possible to achieve anything when you discover the true inner peace within you and it is possible to bring the inner peace right here, right now. 



The registration fee of $145.00   includes: teachings, tea & snacks over the weekend.  

Friday evening April 6, Saturday April 7, Sunday April 8

Teaching Times:

Friday, April 6:  7 – 9 pm

Saturday, April 7:  10-12 and 1:30-4pm

Sunday, April 8: from 10am-1pm

Location: 407A 5th at England Street, Courtenay BC Canada

Limited billeting by local sangha may be available on request.  

There are many hotels/motels/B&B’s in Courtenay.  You can get a good idea of accommodations and cost from this link: www.vancouverislandaccommodations.com.  Just click on the city of Courtenay in the right hand index.


Participants will be responsible for their own meals throughout the retreat.  If you are billeted, please speak to your host about arranging breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.  There are numerous fine dining establishments in the Courtenay downtown area.  Talk to the locals and get some recommendations.

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