1. Good evening..I am interested in the Tuesday meditation practice. Is this only via Zoom ? Will there be a resurgence of the weekly meditations by volunteers as previous to
    covid ? Those weekly meditations were of such benefit to me, to be in a group energy situation in an environment of positive energy. I live in Campbell River…
    …is there anything here through the Buddhist Centre? Thanks kindly. 🙏

    • Hello Betty-Jean

      Yes, currently we are only delivering via Zoom. During the pandemic we moved out of our space, and we haven’t found our new home yet. But we are looking. That said, you can always join us on Tuesday nights for practice, teachings and meditation.
      GesheLa teaches 1 Tuesday per month for 3 hours, and the remainder of the Tuesdays are 1-hour meditation and practice sessions led by our volunteers. You can find the schedule on the website. Take care and we hope you can join us.

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