Artist’s vision of what a potential future home of Sherab Chamma Ling might look like

Sherab Chamma Ling Retreat Centre — Realizing Our Vision

We want to build a permanent retreat centre here in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. The vision to create this centre is one of the fundamental projects of Sherab Chamma Ling, the Tibetan Bon Buddhist Society and GesheLa, our beloved teacher.

Throughout the years, we have been fundraising toward this goal and progress has been made. As the pandemic took hold, we vacated our our downtown location in Courtenay and our sangha went online. We continue to meet weekly online via Zoom on Tuesday nights and for online workshops and retreats.

But we feel a pressing need to meet again in person and this has jump-started our fundraising efforts to purchase a new home for Sherab Chamma Ling here in the Comox Valley.

Feasibility Study for Sherab Chamma Ling location in Comox

Recently, we have been looking at a property nestled on a wooded hill overlooking the Comox Valley as a potential location for Sherab Chamma Ling. The property has 4.27 acres of gardens and paths with ample parking space for 20+ vehicles. This is a central location easily accessed by foot, bicycle or car. We are very excited about the specifics of this property:

  • the location is surrounded by mature trees and extensive gardens
  • the main hall is large and has great acoustics for chanting
  • the building has numerous areas and rooms that can be used by visiting lamas or rented out
  • there is an attached garage that can be converted into another meeting space as demand requires
  • there is a workshop area that will help in the ongoing renovation and upkeep of the buildings and grounds
  • there is a large attached kitchen just off the main hall which is perfect for our weekly teachings, workshops and retreats

The spacious recreation room can be easily converted to a yoga studio. Surrounded and supported by the five elements inside and out, visitors to Sherab Chamma Ling will find a refuge from their busy lives in a pastoral oasis hidden in the middle of a city. 

Thanks to your generous donation the Tibetan Bon Buddhist Society will finally have the perfect home for our teacher and spiritual friends and for hosting spiritual gatherings. This particular property is perfect for our needs, but timing and donations will have to line up in order for us to realize this particular property.

The ideas behind a centre in the Comox Valley

Sherab Chamma Ling will provide a much-needed venue in the Comox Valley for our sangha and many other healing and spiritual groups to practice and gather. At present the only venues available to these groups are community centres and church halls. Sherab Chamma Ling will provide an alternative for those who wish to gather to explore and experience Eastern and secular spiritual practices of meditation and chanting. Spiritual teachers from related philosophies and practices such as other forms of Buddhism, Zen, Hindu and yoga will be welcome to rent our centre once we are up and running. You can donate here. Thank you.

GesheLa, Sherab Chamma Ling's resident lama.
GesheLa, Sherab Chamma Ling’s resident lama.