A Disconnected World

I have noticed some big changes in society over the last few decades that seem to have become
more dramatic since the pandemic. The pace of life along with shifting perceptions have left
people more self-focused and feeling fearful and worried. Many are exhausted, unhappy,
unfulfilled, and energetically destabilized. They are lost and wandering in a rapidly changing

In my view, the biggest loss has been one of connection to self, to others, and to the world. In
order to be peaceful, happy, and healthy we really need to acknowledge and nurture those
connections. We can’t expect the world to do that for us. It all starts as a spark of awareness
within each one of us.

Spring Flower in the forest

Fully Present

One sure way to nurture connection is to simply connect to the present moment. Consciously decide to pay attention to whom and what is around you. For example, right now, instead of being stuck with what happened earlier today, I’ve let go of all those involvements and I am consciously making a decision to connect to you in this moment through this written word. I am completely present in that.

You can connect more fully to yourself and others by entering the present moment in anything
you do. When you’re drinking tea, connect to the tea and nothing else. Bring your awareness to
choosing the tea, sitting with it, and tasting it. You can bring this kind of awareness to all things
big and small –to your own breath, feelings, partner, nature, gardening, walking, hiking,
listening to music, etc.

A Better Game

I love to golf. You are supposed to enjoy the game, your friends, and the natural setting.
However, sometimes you can end up annoyed and stuck on things like your performance, the
score, a bad shot, or big expectations. When this happens to me, a technique I use to shift back
into the moment and a better mental space is to pick five things one after the other and use all
five senses to really focus in on them. For example, I’m looking at a hedge right in front of me
and seeing the fine details of the green shiny leaves, the tiny flowers, the smell. Now I’m looking up at some birds flying by, their shape, size, colour, and sounds. It’s amazing how effective this exercise can be at breaking habitual, obsessive mental patterns and shifting into a more grounded, relaxed experience (and a much better game.)

Stop and smell the roses

Shortly after coming to Canada I came to know an engineer from Hong Kong. He eventually
went back home for a visit and found himself automatically speeding up and a bit on edge. He
stopped himself one day and realized he didn’t have to rush around just because everyone else
was. By connecting to himself in that moment he was able to consciously calm down and choose
his own pace.

Connection within chaos

Even within the chaos of this world, as soon as you connect to the present moment, you connect to yourself and become more grounded. Your whole mind and being will shift into a more peaceful, satisfying state. This has a positive effect on those around you.

I remember travelling to visit one of my students who, although a brilliant, creative business person, didn’t know how to handle the stress he was under. He was in the middle of a meeting with eight of his colleagues when I entered the room. He got up right away, came over to me and took my arm. I could feel his hand shaking. He could feel my balanced, calm energy that he had come to know and trust. As he continued holding my arm, he began to settle down.

Connect to life with your presence

Just by paying attention you will connect more fully to
yourself and others, opening the door to peace and stability
for yourself and the world.

Be fully present – right here, right now.

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